The Forger’s Spell


I just finished “The Forger’s Spell” by Edward Dolnick (HarperCollins) and it becomes number 27 on my list: “My Favorite Books About Art.” This is the true story about forger, Han van Meegeren, and his exploits in Nazi-occupied Europe. Van Meegeren, a talented painter who failed to garner acclaim for his original work, became an expert forger and fooled many top experts and collectors. If you like “The Forger’s Spell” you will also enjoy another non-fiction book called  “Provenance, How a Con Man and a Forger Rewrote the History of Modern Art” by Laney Salisbury & Aly Sujo (Penguin Books). This book will also blow your mind. It is the stunning true story of an elaborate, years-long, con that shocked the art world. Hundreds of pieces were forged and sold (during the 1980s and 90s) before the scam was uncovered. This is a huge page-turner. My 26 Favorite Books About Art


~ by Thomas on November 17, 2012.

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