Liver and Onions!!

I had a delicious and enjoyable lunch this afternoon at Mi Piace in Pasadena. The food, ambiance and service are always very good and I highly recommend breakfast (yes, they serve an amazing breakfast!).

My friend, Peg, and I recently had a discussion about liver and onions and she was delighted to discover that one of the lunch specials was Fegato Veneziana. With a wonderful name like that, one would think it is a dish that is universally adored, admired and craved. Peg had those sentiments, but I did not share her enthusiasm, because it simply translates to liver and onions (with polenta)!! The polenta did not provide enough flavor to put the liver into the positive column for me. She was, however, thrilled with her selection and declared that it was one of the most delicious liver and onion dishes she has ever tasted! The party spilled over to the next table and the couple sitting there declared that they also loved liver and onions and they thought Peg’s dish was spectacular! I was flabbergasted and outnumbered, and was motivated to declare that “liver opinions occupy both ends of the continuum and nothing exists in between.” Translation: you either love liver or you hate it. We all looked at each other, nodded and proceeded back to our lunches. Peg talked me into tasting the “Fegato Veneziana” and I made a face that thoroughly entertained her, and a face that my dear Mother saw many times in my childhood. In the end, though, it was one of the most enjoyable and memorable lunches I have had in a long time.

~ by Thomas on December 19, 2011.

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