Cheers to Angelenos for Defeat of Carmageddon!!

I rarely deviate from commentary on food, wine and hotels (and sometimes art), but I must dive into some political commentary as it relates to the over-hyped closure of the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles this weekend. In the true spirit of this blog I would like to raise a glass of Champagne to all residents of Greater Los Angeles and those tourists who are visiting from around the world.

The so-called Carmageddon never materialized in Los Angeles because everyone pulled together and mitigated the potential traffic nightmare. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we all strive for the same goal. More importantly, look back on the dialogue over the past several months regarding the 53-hour shutdown of the 405 Freeway. Political bickering was not a part of the exchange. The message was clear from all sides: we need to adjust our driving habits for a couple of days and everything will be back to normal on Monday morning. And that is what is happening! When citizens work together, we have unassailable power. When ALL politicians join us, we are unstoppable. However, when we allow politicians to divide us, we are practically helpless, and unfortunately that’s typically what politicians desire. They do not want us to coalesce to generate common sense solutions. Politicians want us to fight each other and mock each other on their behalves. It’s an outcome that fills their campaign coffers and keeps them in office for far too long. Somehow, they took a break from their normal routines and look what happened! Please use Carmageddon as an example of the extraordinary power of ordinary citizens, and use it as a roadmap to solving even bigger issues in Los Angeles, California and the United States. Cheers to Angelenos for pulling together to steamroll a potential problem. We can accomplish even more when we stick together!

~ by Thomas on July 16, 2011.

One Response to “Cheers to Angelenos for Defeat of Carmageddon!!”

  1. Well said, power to the people! Obstacles are easily overcome with a little planning, patience, and perseverance.

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