Wall Street Journal – OTBN Turns 10!

Last year I posted “The Wall Street Journal-A Super Bowl Controversy?” about an article in the Wall Street Journal by Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher, regarding wine drinking at the Super Bowl. I also mentioned their wonderful “Open That Bottle Night” (OTBN). Well they just celebrated the 10th edition of OTBN with a great article in the Weekend Edition of The Journal, called “OTBN: Ports (and Rosés) in a Storm.” The husband and wife team of Gaiter and Brecher have created and nurtured a phenomenon that was much needed in the world of wine drinking. We all have had that special bottle of wine that we purchased or received as a gift, that we waited and waited (and waited) for just the right occasion to open, and then somehow never ended up pulling the cork. OTBN has encouraged thousands of people to open that special bottle and then share the experience with others with a submission to the WSJ. This Weekend Journal’s article chronicles some of the incredible, heartwarming stories that Gaiter/Brecher have enticed their readers to share. I have always appreciated their columns regarding wide-ranging considerations about drinking and selecting wines, but OTBN is certainly one of their most profound contributions to the world of food and wine. You can also watch them talk about OTBN and see a slideshow about reader celebrations at WSJ.com/OTBN.

~ by Thomas on March 22, 2009.

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