Zinc Bistro – Superb Dining at Scottsdale’s Kierland Commons

We obviously have plenty of indoor and outdoor shopping centers in Los Angeles (or malls if you must). One can often take a pleasant walk through these facilities but never, ever expect to park anywhere close to the final destination. So when my friend, Rebecca, took me to Zinc Bistro at Kierland Commons in Scottsdale, and we took a slow drive through the charming layout of storefronts and condos, I was shocked to park just a short way down the lane from Zinc Bistro, a self-described New York-style Parisian bistro. Perhaps only an Angeleno would be so enamored with such a functional shopping center, but the people at Kierland have done a great job, and it deserves a mention. (One also has to remember that L.A. residents are comfortable at cocktail parties talking about their commutes and parking karma.) A substantial portion of my appreciation for a restaurant is about the feel of the place. Call it ambience, the clientele, the decor, the employees, a combination of all of these, or whatever, but I usually know whether or not I am going to be comfortable at an establishment soon after I walk in the door. This is obviously why top hotels and restaurants make a huge effort to greet their patrons within seconds of arrival (it’s also an important criteria for the ratings organizations, including Michelin, AAA and Mobile Travel Guides), But I digress, and the point is that I loved the feel of Zinc Bistro the moment I walked in the front door. This is a serious restaurant with great food, a solid wine program and very good service, in a relaxed, casual setting. Zinc Bistro has garnered many well-deserved awards, including Food and Wine’s Top 10 New Bistros in North America. The executive chef and proprietor is Phoenix native, Matt Carter, who studied at Le Cordon Blue in Paris, worked for Christopher Gross at Christopher’s, and Thomas Keller at The French Laundry. We sampled several dishes, enjoyed the day’s offering from the oyster bar and ended with a fabulous, creative cheese plate. Domaine William Fevre Chablis Champs Royaux (perfect with the oysters) and Bouchard Gevry-Chambertin were two of my favorite wines from a creative list. The wine is served in proper stemware and the prices, by-the-glass and bottle, were very reasonable. This is a wonderful restaurant and I will always make an effort to stop by when I’m in Scottsdale. www.zincbistroaz.com

~ by Thomas on March 3, 2008.

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