The Wall Street Journal – A Super Bowl Controversy?

I posted on Saturday, February 16 about a great wine (Hacienda Monasterio Ribera del Duero) I enjoyed with my family during this year’s Super Bowl, and then picked up the Weekend Edition of the Wall Street Journal to relax with a leisurely cup of coffee. I always enjoy reading Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher’s “Wine Notes” and eventually planned on writing about their column.  So, of course, I was pleasantly surprised to read their Super Bowl wine story. This husband and wife writing team injects their wine and food expertise, and relevant life experiences, into a writing style that is both approachable to the novice and interesting and engaging for wine geeks. One of the hallmarks of this style is their  brilliant “Open That Bottle Night (OTBN),” which encourages readers to finally open that special bottle they have been saving forever for a special occasion. The next OTBN is February 23 (go to Their February 16-17 column, “A Super Controversy,” chronicled Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bündchen’s consumption of red wine while viewing the game from a stadium skybox. Gaiter and Brecher describe it this way: “This was the moment when we first got up to cheer. It was a pleasure to see someone savoring the Super Bowl with a glass of wine.” They went on to outline the uproar from certain media types and bloggers regarding this outrageous indiscretion. After learning about the tidal wave of protest, I considered deleting my Super Bowl post (not really). The gist of this somewhat tongue-in-cheek WSJ article was obviously that some consider it to be sacrilegious to consume wine at America’s penultimate sporting event, long dominated by beer drinkers and beer advertising. The reality, however, is that wine consumption in the United States is steadily growing and in a few years we will be the top wine consuming country in the world. After all, one has to consider that beer, with all of those bubbles, fills you up much faster than vino. If you’re drinking wine at the Super Bowl, you will have more room for hot dogs, nachos and the plethora of crazy dishes we devour for the big game. Of course, this level of food intake is not typically a major concern for supermodels like Gisele Bündchen, but it was nice to see that she was at least enjoying the wine.

~ by Thomas on February 19, 2008.

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