Frederic Magnien Gevrey-Chambertin Seuvrees 2005 – Delicious Pinot Noir from France

The beauty and allure of the Pinot Noir grape is that it can exhibit such a wide variety of flavors and characteristics, depending upon the soil and place where it grows. France’s Burgundy region is the most famous home of this finicky, delicate varietal, and the region produces an incredible assortment of Pinot Noir styles. Gevrey-Chambertin is an appellation that is known for its distinct richness and structure, and this particular vintage certainly lives up to those descriptors. Frederic Magnien produces a wide variety of Burgundy, including among others, Chambolle-Musigny, Charmes-Chambertin, Echezeaux, Le Montrachet, and Morey St Denis. His Gevery-Chambertin Seuvees is consistently one of his best, especially for the money. The 2005 vintage shows dark, forward fruit, a silky texture, great balance and a long finish. Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised to find it in half-bottles, a relative rarity in Burgundy production, although more and more of this format has become available over the past five years. This is not necessarily a commonly available wine, but it is out there. Talk to your fine wine retailer or go to to order online or find a shop in your area. The regular-sized bottle (750ml) should cost around $55.00. The most important aspect of all Pinot Noir, as far as I’m concerned, is its amazing versatility with food. It has enough acidity and structure to stand up to many hearty dishes, but also will not overwhelm lighter fare such as fish, salads and pasta.

~ by Thomas on February 14, 2008.

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