The Coffee Shop – Breakfast in New York


I used to love breakfast at Mayrose in Manhattan (920 Broadway at 21st Street), and was disappointed to learn that they closed. It is always fun, though, to go The Coffee Shop (29 Union Square West). My favorite dish is the toasted bagel with smoked salmon, tomatoes, red onion and cream cheese (that’s what they call it). The Griddle Café on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA (7916 Sunset Blvd. at Fairfax) puts together an excellent version—they call it “Deli and Eggs.” The Coffee Shop has an extensive menu (they bill themselves as a classic original American diner with a Brazilian twist) that includes everything from salads to rotisserie chicken, risotto, meatloaf and sandwiches. They also serve a few Brazillian specials, including Churrasqunio Carioca and Moqueca Stew. It’s always fun to visit the farmers market in Union Square before or after a meal at Coffee Shop, but if you do not feel like going out, you can order for delivery. They are open 23 hours a day (closed between 6am and 7am) and they’re always packed, so reservations are recommended. 212-243-7969

~ by Thomas on February 8, 2008.

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